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Companies are looking for ways to be more productive and efficient in the assembly process. One way to do this is by using a torque tester as part of the assembly process. Flexible Assembly Systems announced in January 2010 the release of the new TSTT Series torque tester. Eddie Silverberg, owner and torque master at Flexible Assembly Systems gives the top five reasons why manufacturers should use a torque tester:

Quality Control – Torque tools need to be checked periodically for accuracy to ensure high quality assembly. Having a torque tester can help make sure the quality of assembly is high.

Reduction in Failures and Returns – Having an accurately calibrated torque screwdriver or wrench will ensure assembly is being done to the highest level. This will help keep the number of product failures and returns to a minimum.

Improved Turnaround Time -No more sending the torque tools away to get tested. It can all be done in-house with a torque tester.

Reduced Calibration Cost – No more paying for shipping and calibration of torque tools. The torque tester will pay for itself in no time.

Tool Phase Out – If the torque tools are not performing to specific calibration specs, then it’s time to replace them. A torque tester can help identify these bad torque tools. Not doing so can cost a business even more in the long run.

In recent years torque testers have become more advanced and user friendly. From digital to now touch screen interfaces, one can quickly check torque tools like a torque screwdriver or a torque wrench in a matter of seconds. It’s all about having the right device to do the job. Flexible Assembly Systems has just released the first torque tester to use touch screen technology called the TSTT Series Torque Tester.

The TSTT Series Torque Tester is sure to make testing a breeze with its advanced features such as touch screen technology, torque calculators and data export for record keeping via SD card or USB 2.0 to name a few. To learn more about Flexible Assembly Systems or the TSTT Series Torque Tester visit

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