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All mechanic professionals know that their tools need to be properly calibrated and maintained, but do you know why?

The precise reason behind the importance of calibration is that improperly calibrated tools and measurement devices don’t do what you expect them to do. For instance, a click-type torque wrench whose spring is `out of spec’ can end up delivering less torque per turn; resulting in nuts that aren’t on as tight as the manufacturer requires. Similarly, a tire gauge that isn’t reading properly may result in increased tire wear due to under-inflation.

Besides compromising performance, component life, and sometimes even safety, improperly-calibrated tools result in work that is less than optimum for customers. This, in turn, can lead to repair shops losing clients; not something anyone can afford in the current competitive climate.

Technicians’ work is only as good as their tools. If tools are worn and out of calibration, then the work they do with them runs the risk of being substandard and, in some instances, just plain wrong.

With hand tools, prevention is the simplest way to extend accuracy. This means storing tools in ways that keep them from being knocked around. One way is to keep torque wrenches at their lowest possible settings when not in use, in order to minimize wear on their springs.

In the case of electronics, life isn’t so simple. Digital tools are made of physical materials that exist in the real world of heat, humidity, and electricity. As such, even the best of tools can go off-spec over time, which is why regular calibration tests are a necessity. In turn, calibrators themselves needed to be verified from time to time, to ensure that they aren’t making matters worse instead of better. In general, the better you treat your tools–no matter how simple or complex; mechanical or electronic–the longer they are likely to stay calibrated, and thus able to help you do your job the way you want to do it. But things do change and will need to be adjusted with use in time. Even with instrumentation that is just sitting on the shelf, it will change with time, so checking is necessary even with little to no use.

At Flexible Systems, Inc., we offer repair service and celebration or products so you can calibrate your own tools onsite with our highly accurate products. If you have questions or need with your tools, give us a call! We’ll help you to get the job done right!

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