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Over the years Flexible Assembly Systems has worked with many customers. We’re often asked which electric torque screwdriver is the best. One of the top recommended assembly tools is the brushless torque screwdriver.

Torque screwdrivers designed for high volume assembly come in two popular designs: brushless and electric motor. Both are good, serve their purpose and will increase productivity in any assembly process. The real difference comes down to the longevity of the motor inside them.

With a brushless motor, there is no maintenance required on the motor since there are no carbon brushes to worry about. Assembly tool failure is virtually non-existent, saving you time and money in the long run.

An electric motor, on the other hand, requires maintenance every 6 months: replacing carbon brushes, commutator and other internal moving parts. This results in assembly downtime.

Brushless motors run cleaner than standard electric motors, produce less heat, and generate low electric noise. They also have a higher speed range with no mechanical limitation from brushes or commutator—making them a good match for a wide variety of assembly jobs.

The brushless torque screwdriver is also known for its precision. On Ingersoll Rand models, the brushless motor provides excellent shutoff accuracy and increased cycle rate capability. The list goes on.

For a complete list of brushless torque screwdrivers offered by Flexible Assembly Systems, please visit our electric screwdriver selection.

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