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Select from four different categories of torque screwdrivers:
Manual Torque Screwdrivers Electric Torque Screwdrivers
Choose from inline or pistol grip styles. We offer preset or micro manual torque screwdrivers with ergonomic and durable designs, exclusive ESD protection, and unsurpassed accuracy.
Torque Range: 6.0 In Oz to 170.0 In Lb
Price: From $85 up to $298
ESL Series Electric Screwdriver
Choose from inline, pistol grip, or angle style electric torque screwdrivers. Our selection includes ESD protection, cleanroom approved, soft stop clutch for sensitive applications, and brushless motor design for improved efficiency.
Torque Range: 0.18 In Lb to 60.0 In Lb
From $199 up to $1,034
Cordless Torque Screwdrivers Air Torque Screwdrivers
Cordless Torque Screwdriver
Choose from pistol grip or angle style cordless torque screwdrivers. Provides excellent portability where air hoses and power cords obstruct efficiency. Increase access to tighter spaces and or inside applications.
Torque Range: 4.4 In Lb to 354.0 In Lb
From $595 up to $2,095
LT Series Pneumatic Screwdriver
Choose from inline, pistol grip, or angle. Our large selection of air torque screwdrivers includes models from Ingersoll Rand, URYU, ARO, and AIMCO.
Torque Range: 1.5 In Lb to 265.0 In Lb
From $250 up to $1,495
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