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Flexible Scientific Logo Flexible Scientific, a subsidiary of Flexible Assembly Systems, provides specialized lab equipment and calibration, custom lab engineering, lab automation, and lean lab consulting for customers in a wide variety of discovery focused industries. By leveraging our experience in process automation, we simplify and speed discovery in the laboratory and beyond.

Products We Offer
lab equipment
Laboratory Measurement Devices
Lab Robotics and Automation
Laboratory Refrigeration
Lab Fixtures and Workstations
Lab Plasticware and Glassware
Sample Preparation Equipment
Autoclaves and Sterilizers

Services We Offer  
lab services
Laboratory Custom Engineering
Lab Systems Integration
Lean Lab Consulting
Lab Equipment Calibration
Lab IT Systems

Automation Services
lab automation robot
Via close partnerships with our lab automation vendors, we're able to address common and customized laboratory automation needs. From HTS (High Throughput Screening) and automated pipetting systems to robotic sample handling, our engineering team works closely with the customer to develop innovative and highly workable solutions.
Lean Laboratory Consulting Industry Focus
With years of experience in lean consulting, our process engineering team has developed proven and repeatable systems to maximize throughput, and reduce error in the laboratory environment. Information technology and lab equipment/automation systems can drastically improve lab quality and speed the path to positive discovery.

Energy (Green & Traditional)
Healthcare (Provider level)
Healthcare (Manufacturer level)
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