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Pull Capacity of between 275-11,000 lbs!

The Ingersoll Rand QCH Quantum Series Electric Chain Hoist has bragging rights for being one of the most impressive designs ever manufactured. The QCH series is designed to be focused on safety, reliability, and performance.

Design Features of the QCH Series

  • Meets I-R's interpretation of ASME B30.16 specifications and pertinent European FEM standards.
  • Universal tread trolley wheels fit tapered or flat flange beams.
  • Anti-tip lugs on motorized trolleys.
  • Hook, eyebolt, push trolley or motorized trolley suspensions.

Other Features

  • New Style Overload Clutch: The overload clutch is factory set to limit Quantum from lifting loads in excess of 150% of rated hoisting capacity.
  • Eyebolt suspension: the eyebolt suspension allows the hoist to pivot and align itself to the direction of load pull, reducing stress and wear.
  • Chain guide and wheel: This system insures smooth, jam resistant operation, and extends load chain, and chain wheel life.

Why to Buy a Quantum Series Electric Hoist by Ingersoll Rand

  • The QCH Series Brake System eliminates the breakage common with fiber discs and the heavier steel springs and DC solenoids they require.
  • Adjustable geared limit switches (standard on all models)

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