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TigerStop 26 ft Plastic Roller Table, 4 legs

TigerStop TABR24PR-T

Tough and easy to use

TigerStop tables are designed to easily integrate with every TigerStop positioning product. Pre-drilled mounting holes and slots make installation a snap. All TigerStop tables are built from steel and coated with a super tough powder coating for long term reliability and easy movement of materials.

Available in 14.4 inch, 24 inch or 31 inch solid top tables and 14.4 inch, 24 inch or 31 inch roller tables (with steel or plastic coated rollers). Also available with 10­° tilted brackets.

A table for every application

Besides TigerStop’s flat steel and plastic roller tables, we carry wide tables in two widths (24 in and 31 in). Every TigerStop table can be purchased with 10° tilted brackets to tilt your tables to match your tilted tools. TigerStop table systems are designed to attach to your tool, but if you want to make your table freestanding, be sure to order an extra leg kit.

Safety matters

Roller conveyors are notorious for workshop injuries. TigerStop roller tables have filled in space between the rollers, which improves safety and helps prevent pinching.

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