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Panasonic EYFMA1J

14.4V 1/2 In Mechanical Pulse Tool, 25 - 100Nm

Panasonic EY Series Cordless Tools - Bringing Innovation to your Assembly Line and Industrial Projects


  • Virtually No Torque Reaction - Panasonic Mechanical Pulse Tools provide virtually no reaction to the operator.
  • Improved Ergonomics - Lightweight and compact, no air hose to drag around.
  • Eliminate Trip Hazards - Removes dangerous air hoses and provides a clear work area.
  • Improved Air Quality - Eliminates airborne oily residue emitted from air tools.

Reduce Manufacturing Costs:

  • Energy Savings - Cordless tools use 99% less energy than air tools.
  • Improved Quality - Increases accuracy by eliminating air pressure fluctuations.
  • Ease of Installation - Complete freedom in assembly area design.
  • Maintenance - Eliminates the need for maintaining oilers.
  • Tool Downtime - Recovers from power outages within seconds.

Long Life, Durable Components:

  • Li-ion Battery - Long lasting, high capacity batteries up to 4.2Ah.
  • Brushless Motor - Energy efficient, no maintenance, about doubles the life of the tool.
  • Hybrid Switch - Carries <.5 amp, about doubles the life of the switch.

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