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Ingersoll Rand BL2022

20V Li-Ion Battery, 5.0Ah

The BL2022 IQV20 Series High Capacity x5.0 Battery delivers
unmatched performance with 68% longer run time and the
same size and weight as its predecessor. Fully compatible with
all existing IQV20 tools and chargers and equipped with the
same intelligent Battery Management System (BMS), we make
sure you get more out of every volt.
  • 1 Year Tool, Battery & Charger Replacement, 2 Year High-Capacity Battery Replacement, 3 Year Limited Warranty on Chargers
  • Provides visual charge level of battery power
  • Provides power-level and current control from the battery to the switch to the motor
  • Delivers high charge capacity with low internal impedance for maximum power delivery and exceptional run time
  • Battery Management System (BMS) allows the battery to communicate with the tool and charger to offer triple battery protection, prevent over loading, over charging and over discharging for longer tool and battery life.
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