Material Handling | Ingersoll Rand VL2 Series Chain Hoists

Pull Capacity of between 1,100-44,000 lbs!

Perfect for building ships, rigging, construction, and maintenance. The VL2 "Premium" Series by Ingersoll Rand is the top-of-the-line manual chain hoist with a pull capacity of up to 44,000lbs! The VL2 provides an exlusive hand-chain guide to remove jamming and offer a smooth operation.


  • Premium alloy steel grade 100 load chain
  • Overload Protection to reduce downtime and repair costs
  • "Accu-Feed" hand chain guide allows a smooth operation from either side of the hoist - away from the load that is being lifted

Why to Buy a VL2 Premium Series Hoist by Ingersoll Rand

  • Hand Chain is 2 feet less than lift
  • Chain anchor prevents jamming at the hook's lowest position
  • Meets ASME B30.16 Specifications and HST - 2M standards
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