Material Handling | SLB Chain Hoist Series

Pull Capacity of between .75-6 metric tons!

The Ingersoll Rand SLB "Silver" Series has yet again improved principle of leverage, known commonly as "Archimedes' principle of leverage." The Silver Series Chain Hoist meets world standards, including ANSI/ASME B30.16. The SLB "Silver" Series Chain Hoist is designed to help you lift the earth with it's patent pending "Arrow Notch" free chain system; allowing the operator to minimize the risk of an accident.


  • 360 Degree Handle Rotation
  • Premium Grade 100 Alloy Load Chain
  • Hardened Swivel Latch Hooks
  • Reliable Disc Braking System


  • Lightweight Design for Portability
  • Comfortable Rubber Handle Grip
  • One Hand Operation with Best Free Chaining

Why to Buy a Silver Series Hoist by Ingersoll Rand

  • Industrial Rated Performance Hoist at a Quality Price
  • Low Handle Force Required
  • Meets ASME B30.21 Specifications and HST - 3M standards
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