Material Handling | Ingersoll Rand ARO Chain Hoist

With a lifting capacity of between 275 - 4,400 lbs.

Designed specifically for heavy-duty industrial applications The Ingersoll Rand ARO Series is built just for the occasion.


  • Meets ASME B30.16 Specifications
  • slow-speed control provides superior spotting
  • Powerful, self-cooling rotary motors - great for situations that have high tempreture

Is the ARO Series by Ingersoll Rand for you?

You Know it is, the ARO Series also has:

  • a lowering speed of 275 ft/min (with load) 159 ft/mn (no load)
  • hookmount headroom between 17 - 22.4in
  • compared to roller chain, link chain lasts longer, handles heavier loads, and is better for high duty cycles.

This isn't just something you want; this something you need.

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