Material Handling | Harrington AH Series Air Hoists

Harrington’s AH Mini-Cat Series air hoists offer the benefit of lifting heavier loads while maintaining low headroom and a continuous duty cycle. These hoists are best suited for use in workstation applications, assembly lines, construction sites and many other demanding applications.

  • Unlimted Duty Cycle - For continuous operation
  • Extremely Compact & Lightweight Body - Allows for easy operation, transportation and storage
  • High Strength Cast Iron Housing - Proven weather resistant and durable in harsh environments
  • Airtight Hoist - Results in efficient use of air
  • Comfortable Noise Levels - External muffler reduces noise level to 80dBA @ 1 yd. with no load
  • High Speed Lifting - Maximum speed gets jobs done quickly
  • Vane Motor Design - Permits very fine feathering control
  • Aluminum Valve Section - Reduces effects of corrosion
  • Disc Motor Brake System - For reliable load support
  • Nickel Plated Load Chain- Resistant to corrosion, abrasion and wear
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