Air Grinder | GTG21 Series Turbo Air Grinder

Twice the power. Half the weight. The Turbo grinder gives you twice the power of today’s 5", 7" and 9" angle grinders. It is about half the size and weight of high frequency tools with comparable power.
  • High material removal – The Turbo is powerful and keeps on working at high rotational speed. It gives a higher rate of cutting-off or material removal, with low wheel consumption.
  • Power for efficiency – The Turbo is driven by an turbine motor, providing power-to-weight ratios never before achieved in grinders. This means you can choose a lighter, more compact tool for ease of use and good accessibility without sacrificing any of the power.
  • Long service life – The turbine means there are no vanes to slide against the cylinder. The gear runs in oil in a housing with patented seals. The result is consistent performance and uninterrupted free operation.
  • Minimized vibrations – on the Turbo, vibration has been cut to below 2.5 m/s2. This has been achieved by an entirely new vibration-damping technique, Auto Balancing, in which a set of bearing balls is used to counterbalance the imbalance in the wheel.
  • Lubrication-free – The unique turbine drive in the Turbo means that the motor doesn’t need oil in the air for lubrication. This provides several benefits in terms of working environment, quality and productivity.
  • Dust extraction – Efficient accessory and standard model for extraction of air-borne dust in sanding applications with fiber discs.
GTG21 is the latest of the Turbo grinders. It is the best choice for rough grinding and sanding applications.
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