Air Grinder | Brazor Mark II Air Grinder

Thanks to its unparalleled low weight and high power the Brazor grinding system is an excellent choice for grinding, cutting off and sanding. There is no need for complicated installations – simply plug in to the one-phase 230 V net.

All models are equipped with the highly efficient G71 motor and the system will generate superior power with <10% energy losses. This, in combination with the features stated below, makes Brazor Mark II a safe and ergonomic choice for the most efficient grinding, cutting and sanding:
  • Power feedback for most efficient material removal.
  • Minimal abrasive costs due to small angle head, speed control and low vibrations.
  • Reduced service costs and minimum downtime thanks to overload protection, temperature control and serviceindicator.
  • Full mobility and no installation required.
  • Built-in Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) in PU for electricity safety.
  • Superior ergonomics with low vibrations.
  • Service indicator notifies you of preventive maintenance for longer operational life.
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