Air Screwdriver | PRO Series Screwdriver

For unmatched fastening performance, PRO screwdrivers are the obvious choice. These versatile, highly engineered tools meet and surpass today’s demands for performance in terms of speed, precision and durability. Add well -balanced designs that contribute to good ergonomics, and PRO screwdrivers take your productivity to a whole new level. Whatever your application one of our four different clutch types will be the ideal match for the job.

PRO Impact Drive Screwdrivers
Ideal for fast assembly and disassembly, a double-hammer mechanism really gets the job done. These lightweight tools offer a productive blend of operator comfort and exceptional performance. There are two models – both are reversible with a simple flip-off lever on the side of the tool shaft.

PRO Direct Drive Screwdrivers
Our direct-drive models stall when they reach maximum torque and are well suited for self-tapping screws and wood screws.

PRO Slip-Clutch Screwdrivers
Our slip-clutch screwdrivers provide an implied pulsating force, or slip, once you reach the desired torque. Features include adjustable torque settings, trigger and push start for pistol grips, and lever and push start for straight models. They are suitable for soft joints or for use with sheet metal screws, wood screws or self-tapping screws where the torque level may peak temporarily during rundown.

PRO Shut-off Screwdrivers
If it’s high torque accuracy you are looking for, these are the tools for you! Our fast shut-off models deliver the smooth performance and high quality tightening you need.

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