Articulating Arms | Ingersoll Rand Zimmerman Series Arm Systems

Versatility and precise positioning!
With a "banjo" arm consisting of three connecting links, which will allow your boom/balancer to cover a larger area; the 700C Zimmerman Series by Ingersoll Rand is an Arm System that you have never seen before.


  • Wo-point pivot provides you with 270º articulations
  • Balancers available for weights between 150-500 lbs
  • Low profile for low headroom applications

Are you ready to get the Zimmerman Series Arm System by Ingersoll Rand?

Advantages of having the 700C Series Arm System:

  • Ergonomic reach: prevents the need for the operator to bend and reach into tight areas causing injury
  • Precise, strain-free positioning: Float leaves both hands-free to raise, lower, or shift the load with virtually no resistance
  • Integrated air supply: Prevents tangling of air lines running to below-the-hook handling devices
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