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I received a fulfillment email; what does this mean?

When you receive this email, it means that your order has been processed and is ready to ship. All you have to do is wait for your package to arrive at its destination.

Sometimes, after making a purchase and receiving your item(s), you may receive another fulfillment email. You may either disregard the email or contact Customer Service for clarification.

I received my order confirmation email, then suddenly an order cancellation email; what happened?

When this happens, it means that your order was accepted; but did not pass the fraud-protection filters and therefore cancelled your order. You may email or call Customer Service to have your order fixed.

Credit card fraud costs companies and consumers millions of dollars annually and we take it very seriously here at Flexible Assembly Systems, Inc. For your protection and ours, orders that appear fraudulent may be held for review. If necessary, a representative will call or email you to verify the order. If we are unable to verify the order, the order may be cancelled. Fraud review may delay the shipment and delivery of your order. We reserve the right to cancel any order.

We have an international card, can we shop online?

The only international credit cards accepted, are cards from Canada. All other countries will have to make a wire-transfer in order to make their purchase. If you're looking to pay by wire-transfer, call or email Customer Service for assistance. Note: All wire-transfers incur a $25 dollar bank wire-transfer fee. Canadian card orders must have a matching billing and shipping address.

I received my confirmation email, what's next?

You will receive an "Order Processed" email once your order has been processed and approved. It will also included the expected delivery interval. Around the same time as you receive the "Order Processed" email, you will also receive a "Cash Sale" email. Please be aware, these two emails do not indicate that you have been charged twice.

What's your Return Policy?

If you would like to change any information on your order please contact our customer service department for further assistance. Spare parts are non-returnable, non-cancelable, and are non-refundable. Merchandise that has been special ordered and not normally stocked by us may incur a 25% cancellation charge. Once your order has shipped permission for any return merchandise must be secured from our customer service department. The return of non-defective merchandise, when authorized, may incur 25% re-stocking fee, at our discretion. Excluding spare parts we accept returns for items within the first 30 days of receiving your merchandise. You may return it for a prompt merchandise exchange, credit, or refund within 30 days of receiving your order as long as all merchandise is returned in new condition (unused and in original factory condition), with all original boxes (including all packaging materials), documentation, instructions, and accessories. All returns are subject to our inspection and approval. Personalized and custom items, and shipping and handling charges are non-refundable, and return shipping charges are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

Remember the Stock Codes:

  • Stock Code A:
    • 365 day returns in resalable condition with 25% restock fee
  • Stock Code B:
    • 30 day return policy with 25% restock fee
  • Stock Code C:
    • Non-returnable / Non-refundable

Why is the shipping rate over $26 for a little part?

Shipping charges are an accumulation of the following costs incurred by Flexible Assembly:

  1. Inbound shipping cost from the manufacturer to Flexible Assembly
  2. Charges by the carrier (FedEx/UPS) for shipping the item(s)
  3. Labor and materials to package the item(s)
  4. Fuel surcharges from the carrier (FedEx/UPS)
  5. FedEx and UPS charge based of the dimensional information (LxWxH)
  6. Flexible Assembly insures all packages shipped on our account against loss or damage
  7. Additional fees charged by (FedEx/UPS) for residential delivery service

When I try to checkout, I get an error that says that I need to select a card; my card information has been inserted. Help!?

Something like this doesn't occur often; rarely in fact. When this happens, go to the payment method section of the checkout and completely remove your card information; then retype it in. This should fix the error and you'll be able to checkout. If this does not work for you, and the same issue occurs on another browser that you have used, contact Customer Service and the order will be processed over the phone.

My order was canceled and there's nothing wrong with the card.

When an order cancels, you have to make sure that the information you put in is correct. The most common way for an order to be rejected is by a mismatch between the information you inputted and with the Address Verification System (AVS). Your billing information must be exact in order for the Address Verification System to process your order. If your billing information on your card and the bank is accurate, contact Customer Service for assistance in processing your order.
Below are common reasons why your order may be canceled

  • AVS Mismatch
    • Billing address inputted does not match with the address that the card issuer's bank has on file
  • AVS Not Supported
    • Typically occurs on international cards, please be sure that your card on file supports AVS.
  • Card issuer's name field left blank
    • First and last name must be provided. Company name on card can be used as well if an individual's name is not present.
  • Too many pending charges
    • too many attempts to order may result in multiple "authorizations", in which would emulate insufficient funds. These charges normally go away within 2-3 business days or however long the card issuer's bank will hold the pending transactions.
    • For your protection, we have limited the number of order submission attempts before taking the order and canceling it. If you have made more than 4 attempts within one hour, or 6 attempts within 24 hours - contact Customer Service to assist with processing your order.
    • Note: Flexible Assembly Systems does not have authorization of the pending charges, it is at the bank's discretion when to remove those pending charges

I just got my fulfillment email and my tracking number doesn't work

When you receive your fulfillment email, it means that your order is ready to be shipped. Tracking Numbers will be activated by the carrier upon picking up your order from our facility. If it has been 24 hours and you still cannot track your order; contact Customer Service for further assistance.

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